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This weeks bulletin 9 February, 2003
 church of Christ
of Savannah's
date:  February 9, 2002  - Welcome - "Come Grow with Us"

------------ KEEP IN OUR PRAYERS ------------

Remember Brother Bob and Sister Rosemary Emsweller in our prayers. She is recovering from a compression fracture of the spine. Brother Bob continues to be in pain with his back and knee along with continuing other problems.  
Keep Brother Ken Lollar's mother in our prayers. She suffered a stroke recently. Ken and Carol have been with her, both in Missouri and as she was taken to Alabama.
Keep Sister Darla Decker's sister, Sister Dianne Lowrey in our prayers.
Keep Sister Ann Kent in our prayers.. Let us pray she continues with better health.

------------ DO NOT FORGET ------------
- Our Sunday Morning Class on "Harmony of the Gospels"
- Our Wednesday Evening Bible Study
- To study your BIBLE "daily"
- To invite (BRING) someone to Bible Study and Worship!

------------ Upcoming Events ------------

There are several Gospel Meetings, lectureship forums, and special events throughout our geographical region for the next several weeks. If at all possible try to attend some of these meetings. Most are listed on the bulletin board in the hallway.
Next week is our "POT LUCK" Fellowship meal after services, make your plans now to attend and enjoy this period of fellowship.

"Legally accurate"
by Tim Nichols

     It appears that accuracy is divided by some into new categories these days. In the old days accurate things were things that were conforming to what is true, right, exact, genuine, and honest. Nowadays some accuracies are merely moral matters. Some are legal. In order to properly understand history we will need to view the events of the past and consider the past actions of God and man in light of these new standards.

     Ananias and Sapphira come to mind right away. They sold land that they privately owned. The amount they received is none of your business, so the Holy Spirit did not record it. What they did with the money was, in a sense, their own business and no one suggested that they ought to have done anything in particular with it. As far as I know, and my knowledge is limited, there were no Roman laws prohibiting them from bringing some of the money to church, giving it to the apostles for distribution to those in need, and pretending that they were giving all of the proceeds of their sale. Many would say that no one had any right to ask them about it. It was, legally, no one's business. When Peter confronted the husband with his deception, God took the life of poor Ananias before he had had a chance to explain that his duplicity had been "legally accurate". About three hours later Sapphira, not knowing that God's death sentence had already been carried out upon her husband, came in and gave her own detailed and "legally accurate" testimony. God judged her "legally accurate" statement according to the moral scale and she was buried right next to her husband (Acts 5:1-11).

     Can you bring yourself to think that God would have changed His mind if He had waited to hear their "legally accurate" argument? If they had had the time to sit down with the finest speech-writers and damage-control experts in all Jerusalem, do you think they would have been able to convince the Perfect Judge, who needs no help from juries, to alter His judgment? I think not. Quibbling that would have induced the most gullible guys back on my High School debate team to roll their eyes in derision would not have checked the hand of our omniscient God.

     The truth is rather simple before it is blurred by double-talk. While the laws of our land may not impose consequences for all lying, those lies that are legally overlooked are not accurate. Uttering a thing that is not true is not any species of accurate, although it might be a non-illegal lie. Accurate things are still things that conform to what is true, right, exact, genuine, and honest. Hold onto your old dictionary and to your awareness that God is watching. He does not judge on the basis of whether or not men will prosecute.

by David Swanger
1. When there is a problem, ignore it. Let it get a firm foothold and snowball awhile.

2. Always blame others for your faults and failures.

3. Look for the bad in every situation.

4. Dream impossible dreams.

5. Always put yourself first.

6. Never compliment or encourage. Always complain, criticize, and condemn.

7. Feel sorry for yourself.

8. Set no goals or low goals.

9. Expect every situation and relationship to be ideal.

10. Every time you get discouraged, quit.

11. Believe that happiness is found in money and physical fulfillment.

12. Live yesterday and tomorrow, not today.

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